Deepen your authentic expression, cultivate unshakeable trust in your body, stand in your power, and embody the Codes of the Empress.



Chances are, if you are here right now reading this, you are a powerful woman with an incredible capacity to create. You may even have this innate sense that you’ve been chosen to be born at this exact moment in time to make a change in the world and do something really big. You are an Empress. I truly see you.

You are diving into your career and making it happen, yet it’s at the expense of your joy and freedom. You feel this tug inside and maybe a small part of you knows there is more. Deep down you know a massive shift is coming.

Instead of feeling free, you’re feeling dimmed and caged, knowing there is this incredible potential inside of you that isn’t being activated. You can FEEL that you are meant for more, but you can’t quite see it. And the fear of the unknown is keeping you stuck. That voice inside is so faint and the opinions of everyone else are drowning out your own. And on top of it all you are doing personal development, reading books, listening to podcasts, but wondering why it still feels the same.

Along every person’s growth journey, we reach this place. You have not failed, you are not trapped, and nothing is wrong with you… you are simply unembodied.

You are still hiding from your power. But you can’t hide forever. And this feeling won’t stop until you start leaning into what is asking from you.

The body is our access point to the feminine. As we root, we rise. Our collective feminine has been dimmed across the planet and her wildness has been tamed. You’ve reach the point in your journey where the pathway to embodiment is essential. It’s time to reconnect to the body and liberate your expression in this world. This is your pathway home to truth.

As your heart and mind align, infinite potential activates. Your ability to access and use that potential is purely based on your own belief in yourself…

And your belief in yourself amplifies when you are deeply connected to the body. This has been my greatest tool towards self empowerment. The process of reawakening the relationship to the body and tapping into intuitive truths. From that place, you can do anything. You become infinite. And your capacity to create expands.

It’s not a coincidence that you came across this page. Just by being here you are on the right path. Your soul is ready for the next level. You are being activated into what you came here for. SHE is ready.

She has been waiting for you to see her, to listen to her, to feel her.

She wants you to know the sound of her whisper, to feel the pull of intuition, to ignite her radiant power. She will set you free.

Once you trust her.

The Embodied Empress is a program for reclaiming your inner Empress through the path of self empowerment and embodied wisdom. If you are craving is a guide who truly has been there and a community of women who are expanding in the same way you are, you’ve found your home.

Thank you for being here.


Your Journey as an Empress





The Master Key

Empress Codes Opening Ceremomy – The unfolding of one’s individual destiny is connected with how you express yourself to the world…Unleash your personal power so you can be truly seen, felt and heard. Receive the fullest permission to be your greatest self and unlock all the doors that are meant for you, effortlessly..


Your Treasures

What’s in your own treasure box of talents? Gain clarity in your natural genius wisdom that brings you wealth and true influence…Everything that a person can claim as theirs increases their sense of value. Whether it’s money, skills, possessions or their own sense of self worth…


Passport to Lead

Become the voice for your truth. Trusting yourself is the passport for channeling brilliant leadership. Learn to embrace limitless magnetism in what you offer.Your presence gets to be powerfully expressed. Speak with your own voice, the voice of your highest self – not the voice of someone else or the voice of fear.


Return to Innocence

Your ancestry, your roots…is a big part of your identity. Returning to innocence is becoming whole. It will make you remember why you are here. This is the most powerful self leadership tool to open people to their majestic legacy and healing of generations past, present and future…


Becoming Art

The pursuit of pleasure and play have long been denied. It’s time to let loose and bring back romance to every aspect of your life. Your personal energies need to be released into the world with creative expression. Sensual liberation is that form of creativity.


Alignment Compass

We will help you identify systems that honor your natural rhythms and allow you to embody your sensual femininity while finding alignment on how you operate in business. You will understand how you want to lead yourself and what will be your next move.


Lead Me

This code is about maintaining polarity in business and in relationships. The true power of a woman is knowing when to lead and when to be lead. Be it by a mentor, your team or your partner. Learn how to trust what you are surrendering to…


House of Power

Claiming Your Dark Desire…in order to fully embody your divine truth, you need to learn how to embrace your dark side. The more I integrate my shadows, the more I can accept yours.


Born to Fly

You are a genius. It’s time to discover what area of your life you are willing to play at this level from now on. Taking action on your boldest dreams will fuel your purpose with courage and confidence. Feel ready to JUMP and trust that whatever happens is perfect.


Big Bold Legend

People follow really strong leaders until they are ready to become that themselves. As this leader, you must stand powerfully in this position, earned by your burning passion. It’s not always easy to reach your highest peak. Once you do, you are recognized. How do I embrace success in a sustainable way?


Sit at the Round Table

The greatest leaders in the world stand for something bigger than themselves. Learn to navigate your social life masterfully. Build on each other’s networks across the globe. Master the Code of collaboration, community building and support. Collaboration is the KEY to feminine leadership.


Receiving an Overflow

Expand your capacity to connect with the divine intelligence. Become an instrument for the universe to work through you. You have a mission and message beyond yourself. Receive more than you will ever need, because it’s not only for you, it’s for the whole…


The Wisdom Keeper

The feminine spirit is the root of creation. You are a pillar of wisdom, the one others come to for guidance. You are responsible to pass on the codes. Give unconditionally. Serve others fully. Allow yourself to have, for the cup of abundance overflows to the people around you.



You weave your words with matter and create reality as you speak. Every time you open your microphone, I feel myself stopping to listen because it’s so real and so powerful. As I went through your program, I am finding a new sense of safeness in myself and I really feel like I am finally stepping into my Empress.





 If you’ve found your way here, trust that it’s for a reason. You are part of a unique group of individuals, born into an era of unprecedented access to information, equipped with a keen sense for discerning truth. Your journey to this moment wasn’t by accident. You, like many of us, carry an innate sense that you’re here to contribute to something monumental to the world. 

More likely than not, you recognize that reclaiming the full range of our collective masculine and feminine energies is not just necessary but a sacred path back to our true selves.

My journey from a pants-suited professional in a male-dominated company like IBM to a tantric arts specialist is a testament to the transformative power of this work. Over the last six years, I’ve dedicated myself to exploring the depths of emotional mastery, embodiment, and the sacred interplay between subtle energies that govern our existence.

The more you expand and open the body, the more you can expand the mind into the  potentiality field. Becoming embodied is the pathway to liberation and powerful leadership in your life. At the foundation of this work, lives safety. People assume intimacy is about sex, but intimacy is about truth. When you recognize you can reveal all of you to someone and feel their expression as “you’re safe with me,” that’s intimacy. 



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