I exist to restore humanity back to its authentic nature.

We no longer know what it means to be present, sensory, or intuitive.

These aspects of ourselves have been repressed and devalued for so long that we’ve lost our connection to them completely and we are living in a state of imbalance.

There is a calling to help the world come back into a balanced natural essence. Into pure consciousness.

Where the ego relaxes into trust and safety. Where we operate from a place of presence and attuned consciousness. This is my deepest passion in this world

When passion-filled purpose-driven people come together,

energy skyrockets, flow states deepen, souls ignite & SELF EXPRESSION becomes unapologetically authentic.

I grew up in Buffalo, New York doing competitive gymnastics.

Gymnastics was my one true love and devotion until an injury in junior year of high school, which ended my gymnastics career. I went to the University of Georgia and poured myself into my next devotion, entrepreneurship.

During my 4 years of college, I lit a spark that inspired me to open three marketing businesses, managing and coaching hundreds of people, spending countless hours studying leadership, management, & human motivation. It was my first introduction to coaching and a taste of what my heart truly longed for.

Upon graduating, I started working in a digital advertising agency for one of the largest companies in the world, in Sports and Entertainment. I also discovered my passion for ballroom dancing, the dance that taught me the fundamentals of energy work. After several years of corporate America, I felt this pull to make a drastic shift in my life.

4 years into my career, I met someone who changed my world.

He gave me this unspoken permission to embrace my free spirited side and gush about astrology and coaching. We took trip to India together and it was there where I met a group of people who would soon become the doorway to the next chapter of my life. They invited me to a conference in Europe called Mindvalley, and it was here that I started unlocking the feminine parts of myself that I had suppressed for so many years. The parts that gave a voice to my dharma.

Soon I found myself moving everything I owned into a storage unit and living a nomadic life in Spain and then Bali. You could it my version of Eat, Pray, Love.

After leaving the corporate confines of my previous career at IBM I traveled the world studying personal development and mindfulness. I purged everything I knew to be true in Bali and dove into all of the places where I was holding back from love. I healed my relationships to my parents and partners and shifted my belief system on the world as I awakened to wholeness. I became Reiki certified, an NLP Practitioner, a Tony Robbins KBB, and studied the Vedas under one of the world’s best teachers of Vedic philosophy and astrology. Ecstatic dance led me to tantra and eventually a Kundalini awakening.

Throughout this journey, I became endlessly devoted to

restoring people back to their AUTHENTIC NATURE through embodiment experiences.

I am devoted to personal evolution and growth happens quickly in my world.

My teachings focus on embodied liberation and empowerment, the feminine and the masculine coming into union. The more we can master the system, the game of life, the more we can transform throughout this metamorphosis of life and dissolve layers of ego into wholeness.

We soon start to realize that we are the creators of our reality in the most intimate ways and truth starts to flow like a tap. And this is where our bodies become instruments. Where we can let the mind relax and move beyond thought into embodied discernment. And this is where we become infinite. This is an entire lifestyle shift. Welcome to the beginning of the best life you’ve ever known.

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“Life is a dance between what you want most and what you fear most.”

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